Wiz Khalifa Religion

Wiz Khalifa with the real name Cameron Jibril Thomaz is an actor-songwriter and American Rapper. The first album of wiz Khalifa is Show and Prove, in 2006, and joined the Warner Bros. Records around the year 2007. His singles “Say Yeah,” made the top Hot Rap Tracks charts in the year 2008. Khalifa left Warner Bros. record and released another album Deal or No Deal, in 2009. Wiz Khalifa signed with Atlantic record and released “Black and Yellow,” which made number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Khalifa first Album for the label was released in 2011. Wiz released his fourth album Blacc Hollywood in 2014. He also released “See You Again” for the soundtrack of Furious seven which top Billboard Hot 100 more than 12 weeks. Khalifa was given birth on the 8th of September, 1987 in, North Dakota, to his both parents serving in the military. His parent divorced when he was just three years of age. Khalifa has lived in Japan, United Kingdom, and Germany before settling in Pittsburgh in which he attended Taylor Allderdice High School. The name Khalifa was from the Arabic words that mean “successor,” and wisdom, which he shortened as Whiz Khalifa when he was still young. Khalifa was in a relationship with the model Amber Rose in 2011. Khalifa and Amber got married in 2013 and had a son. Rose filled for a divorce in 2014 and had the jointed custody of their son. Khalifa claimed in an interview that he smokes daily and spent an average of $10,000 monthly on Cannabis.

Religious Belief

The religion of Khalifa is considered unclear, but he claimed his grandfather is a Muslim. Since Khalifa is Arabic word that is translated to be “successor” and wisdom. Khalifa’s grandfather who is a Muslim gave him the name. He said his Grandfather gave him the name because he does most things well, music included. We may assume that Wiz Khalifa is a Muslim, but never identify himself with any religion whatsoever.

Political Views

Wiz does not say much about his political affiliation. Khalifa is interested in the legalization of Marijuana. Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, most of the time expresses their support for the endorsement of Marijuana. We classified Wiz Khalifa a libertarian. This man is a brilliant man. Wiz Khalifa was very excited when he heard that Obama had won the election in 2012, which was evident in few of his videos.