Sylvester Stallone Religion

Born on 6th July, 1946, Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone is an American filmmaker and actor. He is famously known for his action roles such as Rocky Balboa in the Rocky Series, John Rambo in the Rambo movies, and Barney Ross in The Expendables Films.
He was born in Hell’s Kitchen, New York to Jacqueline Stallone and Frank Stallone, Sr. Stallone’s mother was a dancer, astrologer, and promoter of women’s wrestling. On the other hand, his father was a beautician and hairdresser. Stallone’s mother is of half Ukrainian and half French descent. His father was born in Italy but immigrated to the United States in the 1930s. Through the Ukrainian Jewish history of his mother, Sylvester Stallone is a relative of Odessa Oligarch, Valery Kravchenko.


Sylvester Stallone was raised a Catholic but later stopped going to church after he progressed with his acting career. He later on rediscovered his faith after his daughter was born sick in the year 1996. From this year henceforth, he again became an active Catholic.
During an interview by Pat Robertson from CBN’s 700 Club, Stallone stated that earlier on, the Hollywood life had a lot of temptations by the was able later able to put things in “God’s hands”.

Later on, in 2010, Sylvester Stallone, in an interview by GQ Magazine, said that he viewed himself to be a spiritual and religious person. This is despite the fact that he did not belong to any organized church institution.

Political Views

Sylvester Stallone has severally shown his support for the Republican Party. In fact, he has supported almost all Republican candidates since Ronald Reagan. In the year 1985, Stallone met with Reagan, who endorsed Rambo, for being an inspiration and symbol of the United States Army.

In the year, 1994, he contributed $1,000 to Rick Santorum’s campaign, who was running for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania. In 2008, he supported John McCain during that year’s presidential election. In the last year’s election, he referred to Donald Trump as a “larger than life” character, but didn’t endorse any candidate during that election.
In December 2006, he declined the offer to be the Chair of the National Endowment for Arts. This is because he felt the desire to work on problems related to veterans. Stallone is an advocate of gun control and has been referred to by many as “the most anti-gun person in Hollywood”.