Leonardo DiCaprio Religion

Leonardo DiCaprio is an environmental activist, producer, and American Actor. DiCaprio began had his first Television appearance in the late 1980s, after which he had many other appearances in a soap opera Santa Barbara and Growing pain. Leonardo started his film career in Critters 3 in 1991. His name was brought to limelight for his role in The Basketball Diaries (1995) and the Romeo and Juliet drama in 1996, but later got an international appearance for his appearance in Titanic in 1997 which became one of the highest-grossing films. Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was given birth to on the 11 of November 1974, in Los Angeles. DiCaprio is the only child of Irmelin which work as a legal secretary, and George DiCaprio an actor and producer of comic books. DiCaprio’s has Italian and German descent. DiCaprio said he is a “half-Russian” because about two of his grandparent has a Russian origin. The name of this actor came when his pregnant mother was looking at the painting of Leonardo da Vinci in Italy when he kicked. DiCaprio stays with her mother most of the time because his parent separated when He is just a year old. DiCaprio attended John Marshall High School but dropped out of high school in his third year. He also spent most of his childhood in Germany with his grandparent; DiCaprio can speak Italian and German at the same time. The romantic relationship of DiCaprio’s has been covered by media. He has dated the British singer Emma Bunton and Kristen Zang.

Religious Belief

DiCaprio grew up in a Catholic family due to his German and Italy background but now involved in Buddhism and Judaism. He is not religious like most Catholics but, he believes there is God. He said that he is afraid of death because he doesn’t know what afterlife holds. But he is not an atheist, but he does not have a religion. DiCaprio is rumored to be engaged to a Jewish woman Bar Refaeli which could convert him to Judaism after their marriage, but they separated. DiCaprio was seen in a Buddhist center in Los Angeles where he meditated and listed as a Buddhist in most celebrity religious websites.

Political View

Lionardo is a Democrat. He donated about $38,000 to the Barack Obama presidential Campaign. Leo also gave to the reelection of the President Barack Obama in 2012. He is also a hardcore environmentalist because he placed environment above most issues. Leo has received a lot of commendation from most environmental groups. Few of the accolades he received are Environmental Leadership Award and Martin Litton Environment Award. DiCaprio said global warming is the world top challenge and is infuriated when people vote for same-sex marriage when there are more challenging issues that will face our environment in the future. DiCaprio is more interested in the surroundings, and his car and house are solar powered.