Kim Kardashian Religion

Kim Kardashian is an American Businesswoman, socialite, actress, reality television personality, and model. Kardashian gained media attention as the friend of Paris Hilton but got a more extensive attention for her sex tape with Ray J her formal boyfriend that leaked in 2007. And later after that she and her family began to appear on the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kardashian’s personal life always receives a global attention. Kardashian was given birth to on October 21, 1980, in California, to parents Kris and Robert. She has two sisters and a younger brother. Their mother has an English, Dutch and Scottish background, while their father is an American. After their parent separation in the year 1991, their mother remarried that same year. Kardashian attended Marymount High School, in Los Angeles. Kim Kardashian has grown millions of Instagram and twitter followers. She has a variety of product tied to her name like mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, and the Selfish photo book. Kim Kardashian relationship with Kaye west receives huge attention, and they got married in the year 2014 and had two children together. The Kim and Kanye west Marriage has attracted massive media coverage due to their career; their marriage is referred to as “a historic blizzard of celebrity.” Kardashian made the list of the TIME most influential people in the world. She is described as the highest paid Television personality with the earning that is more than US$53 million.

Religious Belief

Kim has a Catholic background. Kim parents are raised in the orthodox Catholic Church. This is why we said Kim was brought up in the world old Christian institution. She attends a church with a celebrity attendee. Kim was not shy to express her devotion to Christ and her money as she claimed she was taught to give 10% of her income to the church. She also tweets many religious messages of recent.

Political View

Kardashian has her political aspiration. She showed an interest in running for a mayor of Glendale, California to represent the Armenian-American population in the city even though she is not the citizen of either of the country and does not speak Armenian. Kim is running on a Republican ticket. Kim has advocated for recognition of Armenian Genocide many times and huge President Barack Obama, and the United State Government consider their acknowledgment. Kim and her husband and other parts of her family traveled to Armenia for the memorial of the victims in Yerevan. She wrote an article on her website condemning Wall Street for running ads denying the Armenian Genocide. Her political knowledge has been questioned many times for her political interest. Some notable politicians around the world have the following to say about Kim Kardashian. President Obama once said that he couldn’t stand her daughter watching the Kim Kardashian reality shows keeping up with the Kardashians. Mitt Romney mocked her for being married for less than three months.