Kelly Clarkson Religion

Born on April 24th 1982, Kelly Brianne Clarkson is an American songwriter, singer, author, and actress. She rose to fame in the year 2002, after winning the inaugural season of the TV series American Idol, which helped her earn a record deal with RCA Records.

She was born in Fort Worth, Texas to Jeanne Anne and Stephen Michael Clarkson. Her parents divorced when she was only six years old. Following the divorce, she was forced to live with her mother.


Kelly Clarkson’s ancestry is Greek, English, Irish, Scottish, and German. She was raised a Southern Baptist and has confessed severally that she grew up in church and was a youth group leader. Clarkson has been close to church, something that started at a very young age. Her family was very conservative and she had to go to church every Sunday and Wednesday. Kelly Clarkson says that God is the only one that she can lean on and that is why she has continues getting closer to Him.

From this, it seem that Kelly takes religion, and mostly Christianity seriously.

Political Views

Politically, Kelly Clarkson seems to be a bit all over the place. She has indicated an independent or moderate stand when on politics. For instance, she married a Republican who had earlier showed support for Mitt Romney in the year 2012. However, she voted for Barrack Obama, and has declared herself severally as an “Obama Girl”.

Kelly Clarkson’s political stand is not easily predictable. She once said that she cannot Mitt Romney as she has a lot of gay friends and she doesn’t feel it is fair that they cannot get married. Surprisingly, Clarkson had expressed support for Ron Paul, a Republican candidate. She said that she loved him and if he would manage to win the nominations, she would vote for him.

Kelly Clarkson once shared a tweet on her thoughts about Donald Trump’s comments back in 2016, during his campaigns. President Trump had said that he would shoot someone and still not lose any votes. Clarkson responded to this saying that she was worried for the nation.

Although Donald Trump made some bad utterances, could Kelly Clarkson’s comments mean that she did not support Donald Trump?
Clarkson was also mentioned by Hillary Clinton in her new memoir, “What Happened”.

From this cases, it can be concluded that Kelly Clarkson evaluates issues instead of parties. This is incredible!