Eminem Religion

Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem) is the best selling artist around 2000s in the united state of America. Eminem is also the 6th bestselling and best selling Hip-hop artist. Eminem has sold more than 172 millions album making him the world best selling artist. Marshall Bruce Mathers III was given birth to on 17 October 1972 in Missouri; he happens to be the one and only child of Deborah Rae and Nelson Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. Eminem parent was in a band before they separated. Eminem grows as a good child but always a loner and most the time being bullied. Eminem’s quarreled with his mother, but when he came to limelight, his mother claimed she sheltered him, and happens to be an integral part of his success. Eminem spent about three years in ninth grade due to poor grades and later dropped out of Lincoln High School when he was just 17. He worked to help his, mother pay bills and sneaks out of school to attend rap freestyle in other high schools. He struggles to make things work for him in the dominated black industry, by combining rhymes to form his rap. His first album was Infinite in 1996 and became well known in 1999 from The Slim Shady LP, which got him the first Grammy Rap Award. The other release until the year 2002 also earned him another Grammy Rap Award making him the artist that got the Grammy three consecutive times. Eminem has married twice to Kimberly Anne “Kim” Scott. Kim gave birth to a daughter for Eminem in 1995. They first got married in 1999 and divorced in 2001, Eminem denied the report that he and Kim reconciled. Eminem apologizes to his mother in his 2014 song titled “Headlights,” reiterating his love for her as a mother.

Religious Belief

Eminem wasn’t introduced into religion from his childhood. But he claimed to be more spiritual and frequently pray now. He declared that he was a Christian in the year 1999. Though he said, he was a Christian. But he became serious about it when he said in 2009 that he prays that he used to do before, not because he was religious but because he believes in God. He does not indicate the denomination he belongs to, but he may likely be a Christian.

Political View

Eminem is mostly seen as a political liability. His lyric that has to do with the killing of Lesbian and Gay has received a lot of condemnation among many. Eminem has sung with Elton John.

Eminem attacked George W. Bush in a music video claiming that he is trying to “Ambush bush administration”. Eminem came out publicly in 2008 as a supporter of Obama presidential Campaign.