Kelly Clarkson Religion

Born on April 24th 1982, Kelly Brianne Clarkson is an American songwriter, singer, author, and actress. She rose to fame in the year 2002, after winning the inaugural season of the TV series American Idol, which helped her earn a record deal with RCA Records.

She was born in Fort Worth, Texas to Jeanne Anne and Stephen Michael Clarkson. Her parents divorced when she was only six years old. Following the divorce, she was forced to live with her mother.


Kelly Clarkson’s ancestry is Greek, English, Irish, Scottish, and German. She was raised a Southern Baptist and has confessed severally that she grew up in church and was a youth group leader. Clarkson has been close to church, something that started at a very young age. Her family was very conservative and she had to go to church every Sunday and Wednesday. Kelly Clarkson says that God is the only one that she can lean on and that is why she has continues getting closer to Him.

From this, it seem that Kelly takes religion, and mostly Christianity seriously.

Political Views

Politically, Kelly Clarkson seems to be a bit all over the place. She has indicated an independent or moderate stand when on politics. For instance, she married a Republican who had earlier showed support for Mitt Romney in the year 2012. However, she voted for Barrack Obama, and has declared herself severally as an “Obama Girl”.

Kelly Clarkson’s political stand is not easily predictable. She once said that she cannot Mitt Romney as she has a lot of gay friends and she doesn’t feel it is fair that they cannot get married. Surprisingly, Clarkson had expressed support for Ron Paul, a Republican candidate. She said that she loved him and if he would manage to win the nominations, she would vote for him.

Kelly Clarkson once shared a tweet on her thoughts about Donald Trump’s comments back in 2016, during his campaigns. President Trump had said that he would shoot someone and still not lose any votes. Clarkson responded to this saying that she was worried for the nation.

Although Donald Trump made some bad utterances, could Kelly Clarkson’s comments mean that she did not support Donald Trump?
Clarkson was also mentioned by Hillary Clinton in her new memoir, “What Happened”.

From this cases, it can be concluded that Kelly Clarkson evaluates issues instead of parties. This is incredible!

Eminem Religion

Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem) is the best selling artist around 2000s in the united state of America. Eminem is also the 6th bestselling and best selling Hip-hop artist. Eminem has sold more than 172 millions album making him the world best selling artist. Marshall Bruce Mathers III was given birth to on 17 October 1972 in Missouri; he happens to be the one and only child of Deborah Rae and Nelson Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. Eminem parent was in a band before they separated. Eminem grows as a good child but always a loner and most the time being bullied. Eminem’s quarreled with his mother, but when he came to limelight, his mother claimed she sheltered him, and happens to be an integral part of his success. Eminem spent about three years in ninth grade due to poor grades and later dropped out of Lincoln High School when he was just 17. He worked to help his, mother pay bills and sneaks out of school to attend rap freestyle in other high schools. He struggles to make things work for him in the dominated black industry, by combining rhymes to form his rap. His first album was Infinite in 1996 and became well known in 1999 from The Slim Shady LP, which got him the first Grammy Rap Award. The other release until the year 2002 also earned him another Grammy Rap Award making him the artist that got the Grammy three consecutive times. Eminem has married twice to Kimberly Anne “Kim” Scott. Kim gave birth to a daughter for Eminem in 1995. They first got married in 1999 and divorced in 2001, Eminem denied the report that he and Kim reconciled. Eminem apologizes to his mother in his 2014 song titled “Headlights,” reiterating his love for her as a mother.

Religious Belief

Eminem wasn’t introduced into religion from his childhood. But he claimed to be more spiritual and frequently pray now. He declared that he was a Christian in the year 1999. Though he said, he was a Christian. But he became serious about it when he said in 2009 that he prays that he used to do before, not because he was religious but because he believes in God. He does not indicate the denomination he belongs to, but he may likely be a Christian.

Political View

Eminem is mostly seen as a political liability. His lyric that has to do with the killing of Lesbian and Gay has received a lot of condemnation among many. Eminem has sung with Elton John.

Eminem attacked George W. Bush in a music video claiming that he is trying to “Ambush bush administration”. Eminem came out publicly in 2008 as a supporter of Obama presidential Campaign.

Ariana Grande Religion

Ariana Grande is an America actress and singer. She stated at Broadway musical in 2008, before her role in the Nickelodeon series Victorious. She has also acted in most television series and lends her voice to animated films. She released her first album Yours Truly, which top the Billboard 200. She has always been in the top Billboard Hot 100 in 2014 from her second studio album. Her album in 2016 made her one of the first artists that that is on the Billboard Hot 100 in the united state of America. Ariana Grande-Butera was born on the 12 of June 1993 in Florida by Joan Grande, the CEO of Hose-McCann Communications and Edward Butera that manages a graphic design firm. She has Italian background Italian and an older brother Frankie Grande. Grand performed as a child in Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theater. Ariana Grande attended Pine Crest School and became motivated to pursue her music career when she is just 13 years of age. Grand has three notable awards like Grammy Award nomination, MTV Music Video, and MTV Europe Music Award. She has supported many charities and was listed in the top 100 most influential people in the world by Time in 2016. She believes if you are kind to people, good thing will happen to you and one of her song titled “Break Your Heart Right Back,” is in support of Gay. Grande was in a relationship with Graham Phillips until 2011. She is currently dating in a romantic relationship with Mac Miller since the year 2016.

Religious Belief

Grande was raised in Catholic settings but do away with Catholic doctrine when Pope Benedict XVI stated the opposition of the church against homosexuality. Since she didn’t give her personal belief, she might be a Christian. Few of the celebrity sites listed her as a Christian, but we can’t confirm that since we are not getting that in person. Grande Italian heritage show she is a Catholic but has never done anything to prove that. She expressed her religious view when two of her fan committed suicide due to abuse, where she wrote on her Twitter feed that supports your fellow human being irrespective of their religion, sexuality or color.

Political View

Grande was a Democrat when she voted in her first election. She has expressed her joy has been a part of Democrat process in 2012 and convinced many of her fans to vote. She expressed her opinion about Obama speech. She said that Obama speech was inspiring and thanks to the entire American that allows their voice to be heard in the Election. We may say that her support for the Democrat was their decision on the same-sex marriage. She has twitted her support for gay many times, which may be a result of her brother been a Gay. Grande becomes more interested in the issue due to several cases of abuse of her brother and her. Grande is a good role model for the youth regardless of their political affiliation.

Wiz Khalifa Religion

Wiz Khalifa with the real name Cameron Jibril Thomaz is an actor-songwriter and American Rapper. The first album of wiz Khalifa is Show and Prove, in 2006, and joined the Warner Bros. Records around the year 2007. His singles “Say Yeah,” made the top Hot Rap Tracks charts in the year 2008. Khalifa left Warner Bros. record and released another album Deal or No Deal, in 2009. Wiz Khalifa signed with Atlantic record and released “Black and Yellow,” which made number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Khalifa first Album for the label was released in 2011. Wiz released his fourth album Blacc Hollywood in 2014. He also released “See You Again” for the soundtrack of Furious seven which top Billboard Hot 100 more than 12 weeks. Khalifa was given birth on the 8th of September, 1987 in, North Dakota, to his both parents serving in the military. His parent divorced when he was just three years of age. Khalifa has lived in Japan, United Kingdom, and Germany before settling in Pittsburgh in which he attended Taylor Allderdice High School. The name Khalifa was from the Arabic words that mean “successor,” and wisdom, which he shortened as Whiz Khalifa when he was still young. Khalifa was in a relationship with the model Amber Rose in 2011. Khalifa and Amber got married in 2013 and had a son. Rose filled for a divorce in 2014 and had the jointed custody of their son. Khalifa claimed in an interview that he smokes daily and spent an average of $10,000 monthly on Cannabis.

Religious Belief

The religion of Khalifa is considered unclear, but he claimed his grandfather is a Muslim. Since Khalifa is Arabic word that is translated to be “successor” and wisdom. Khalifa’s grandfather who is a Muslim gave him the name. He said his Grandfather gave him the name because he does most things well, music included. We may assume that Wiz Khalifa is a Muslim, but never identify himself with any religion whatsoever.

Political Views

Wiz does not say much about his political affiliation. Khalifa is interested in the legalization of Marijuana. Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, most of the time expresses their support for the endorsement of Marijuana. We classified Wiz Khalifa a libertarian. This man is a brilliant man. Wiz Khalifa was very excited when he heard that Obama had won the election in 2012, which was evident in few of his videos.

Miley Cyrus Religion

Miley Ray Cyrus is an actress and songwriter. She played a minor role in the movie Big Fish. Cyrus signed a contract with Hollywood Records, with her first studio album Meet Miley Cyrus in 2007. The second Album Breakout was released and started are acting career in the animated film Bolt around year 2008. Miley Ray third album Can’t Be Tamed was released in 2010. Cyrus concentrates on her acting career and Television series from 2011 to 2012. Cyrus’ album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz in 2015 was her fifth album which is a bit deviated from her pop style. She was one of the singing coaches in a competition The Voice. Cyrus was given birth to on the 23 of November 1992, in Tennessee, to Leticia Jean and Billy ray who is a singer. She was named destiny hope because they assume she will do well in the future with the nickname “Smiley” that was later shorted to “Miley” because she always smiles when she was small. She changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus in honor of her grandfather that is a Democrat Politician. Cyrus grew up in Franklin and went to Heritage Elementary School. Cyrus has a Christian background and attends Baptist church before moving to Hollywood. Cyrus has been nominated for various awards and was ranked on fourth on the best selling on Billboard in 2009. Cyrus Myles was also on the Forbes list of top 100 celebrities in the year 2010 and won the MTV Artist of the years 2013. Cyrus Myles has been listed on the Times 100 most influential person in 2008 and 2014.

Religious Belief

Miley gives thank to Jesus most of the time and has also shown interest in Buddhism. Cyrus was raised as a Christian and attends the Baptist church. Miley had done all she can do to lose her good girl virtue from the photos of her lap dance for a producer when she was sixteen. But Miley still claimed she is a good Christian girl, spiritual and said that Jesus saved her and He has always kept her whole. She also said Buddhism is lovely. She is a famous Christian party girl.

Political View

The political affiliation of Cyrus was the change of name in honor of her grandfather Kentucky Ronald Ray Cyrus, a Democratic politician. She is also tattooed Gay Marriage Equality. She said every America should have right to do what they love. Miley has said something about environmental issues and wrote a Global warming song Tilled “Wake Up America.” For a lady that is not old enough to vote in the national election, Cyrus spoke about most issues that may affect her fan and faith.

Ice Cube Religion

Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson Sr.) is an actor and rapper that is from South Central Los Angeles. Ice Cube became well known in the late 1980s as one of the members of the famous rap group, N.W.A. He broke from the group in 1989, but has been relevant as an actor, and has appeared in notable movies like 21 Jump Street (2012), Barbershop (2002) and Friday (1995). The successful rapper, actor and producer Ice Cube was born fifteen of June 1969, in Los Angeles, California. O’shea Jackson Sr was raised by his mother Doris who worked as a hospital Clark, and His father Hosea work as the groundkeeper at California University. Ice cube was well-trained amidst the violence and violent neighborhood. Cube was one of the good students in school and is interested in music and sport. His parent sent him to high school in his teenage at San Fernando Valley. The new environments compared to what he experienced at South Central L.A., influence his life positively and marked a turning point for him. Cube has an elder brother and half sister that were killed in their neighborhood. He developed an interest in Hip Hop music and began writing rap songs. Ice cube (Jackson) wrote his first rap song after a friend in ninth grade and name it Kido. He claimed his name Ice Cube came from his brother threat that he was going to put him in a freezer until he turned to Ice Cube. He sold his first song at the age of 16 Eazy-E that was one of the members of N.W.A. member. Cube attended Phoenix Institute of Technology after his high school, and got two years degree in drafting in 1988; this is due to his passion for architecture. He then returned to Los Angeles to continue his rap career after his degree in Grafting. With the partnership of his friend Cube formed the C.I.A. and they both performed at Dr. Dre party. Dre saw the potential in Ice Cube and have him write some of his hit tracks. Ice Cube is the producer of the television series Are We There Yet? And Barbershop which he is also a major character. He has been ranked many times by MTV base and other sources as one of the best MC and the rapper Snoop Dog rate him as one of the greatest Master of the event. Ice Cube is a father of four and converted to Islam around year 1990s.

Religious Belief

Cube converted to a Muslim around the 1990s; we can’t trace what his religion was before then. He has a personal approach to religion, claiming his belief is between him and God. Cube claim to be a natural Muslim and don’t attend mosque for the regular prayer because he said it’s not part of him which is why does not do it. Though he promoted the Islam nation during his younger years, he never said anything about that as a father and one of the significant figure in the entertainment industry.

Political Views

Ice cube is a Democrat. An ice cube doesn’t support Democrat blindly. As a black man, he was asked in the Obama campaign in the year 2008; He said that color his secondary to him and getting the right man to do the job is all he is after.

Carrie Underwood Religion

Carrie Underwood is from Muskogee, Oklahoma. She is a songwriter, Singer, and actress. She was well known for winning the fourth season of America Idol in the year 2005. The debut album of carrier Underwood is Some Hearts that was released in the year 2015. The huge from the single Jesus take the wheel makes the solo the best debut album in the country music. Underwood was girth to on the 10 of March 1983 in Oklahoma to Carole and Stephen Underwood. She was raised in the rural town of Checotah. Underwood father worked in sawmill while her mother was a teacher. Carrier had elders sisters named Shanna and Stephanie and was diagnosed to be hypertensive when she was just five. Carries performed during her childhood in her local church First Free Will Baptist Church. She later sang at the Lion club and the old settle day which made people arrange for her when she is still 14 years of age for the Capitol records. Carrie attended the Checotah High School where she belongs to society and love basketball. After her graduation from high school in the year 2001, she took a break from music when schooling at Northeastern State University in, Oklahoma where she graduated with a degree in Mass Communication. She also competed in the most beauty pageant when she was in university and selected as the runner-up for Miss NSU in 2004. Underwood Auditioned for the America Idol in the year 2005 and later became the season four winner. Underwood has won about seven Grammy award from her various albums. Her fourth album Storyteller (2015) made her the artist that most albums reach the top spot on the Billboard200.

Religious Belief

Carrie is brought up in a Christian home and is religious. At this time of her life, Underwood always attributes her success to God. Underwood claimed that her faith influenced her choice of life partner Mike Fisher which is a hockey player. This is because he will be able to go to church with her and teach their children the way to follow. She said her husband Mike Fisher had improved her work with God. She spoke about the Christian movie Soul Surfer she acted that the woman in the movie was able to have faith when things are up and down with her. She claimed that our faith is tested when things are down and how we can deal with it.

Political View

Carries Underwood does not give her political opinion. She even condemns celebrity that endorses candidates. She said she always support someone, but not publicly and said she lose respect to celebrities that back candidates. Her song has been used for many Republican candidates. But that does not mean she supports them. She has performed at an event in honor of President George W. Bush, with many other country artists. She is more on the Republican side, though she is a bit quiet about that.

John Lennon Religion

John Lennon the Fab Four were living the life there were international stars at a young age led to their massive following famously nicknamed Beatlemania and it was one of the members particularly among the ladies the songwriter also had an impressive start to solo career after the Beatles broke up. The fame must have gone to his head before his untimely death. In an interview, he stated Christianity will and it will disappear. I do not have to argue about that. I’m saying Jesus was OK but his subjects were too simple Today we are more famous than him. The controversial statement made in 1966 eventually saw The Fab Four breakup in 1980. Lennon was shot by a fanatic David Chapman in his residence on New York after a recording session. And believe it or not people claimed that he was punished for what he said. What you think they have five people who might God died if he enjoyed the video.

5 Famous People Who Made Fun of God and Then Died

Taking God’s name in vain disregarding the existence of God these are ways most religious teachings define as a mockery of God. People in positions of influence often display their arrogance by scorning God or His power. And as you probably didn’t know the over ambitious display of greatness has resulted in some gruesome deaths. With this being said. Prepare to be amazed by these five people who mocked God and died.

Marilyn Monroe the cream of the crop of Hollywood celebrities. She had it all the looks and the talent despite her outward expression of her beauty. She kept her suffering to herself during her filming routines. Billy Graham a Christian evangelist gave her a visit and stated that he had been instructed to preach to her by the Spirit of God. She then replied I don’t need you Jesus. She was later found in her bedroom laying lifeless. It is rumored that she committed suicide as she was suffering from severe depression.

Bon Scott front man for popular rock band AC-DC Australian Bon Scott was in his heyday. The band was on top and he had just replaced the lead singer Dave Evans in 1974. He put pen to paper and is songwriting skills shown on the band’s album release in 1979. He came up with the opening track on a highway to hell and stand out track on the album at its peak a surprising turn of events took place in 1980. He choked on his own vomit after a night out with his bandmates. The cause of death was alcohol poisoning. The band leader dedicated their album Back in Black to honor the memory of their falling lead singer.

President of Brazil. Tancredo leaves his presidential campaign with something to marvel. He opposed previous military resumes in Brazil and inspired Brazilians to participate in the political process. This made him a popular figure amongst the Brazilian people during his campaigns. He said that if he got five hundred thousand votes from his party even God would not unseat them as president. The soon to be Brazilian’s first civilian president in 20 years was never sworn in and died following complications from a surgery at the Heart Institute. And this was just a few days away from his election diagnosed with a life threatening ailment. He underwent several operations but eventually relapse from his final surgery.

Thomas Andrews the Irish businessman is known for his shipbuilding skills as the naval architect of his crown jewel as Titanic he oversaw its construction and familiarized himself with all the operational details of the Titanic. After observing it and conducting a series of tests he was full of confidence about the workings of the great ship. During that questioning session as a result of the large media coverage of the Titanic a reporter asked him how safe the Titanic would be. He replied that even God can sink it. On April of 1912 the ship sank after hitting an iceberg on its first voyage on the New York City Kleman over one thousand five hundred lives. One of the worst commercial disasters in history and as a result of Thomas Andrews he died in the collision and his body was never recovered.

John Lennon the Fab Four were living the life there were international stars at a young age led to their massive following famously nicknamed Beatlemania and it was one of the members particularly among the ladies the songwriter also had an impressive start to solo career after the Beatles broke up. The fame must have gone to his head before his untimely death. In an interview, he stated Christianity will and it will disappear. I do not have to argue about that. I’m saying Jesus was OK but his subjects were too simple Today we are more famous than him. The controversial statement made in 1966 eventually saw The Fab Four breakup in 1980. Lennon was shot by a fanatic David Chapman in his residence on New York after a recording session. And believe it or not people claimed that he was punished for what he said. What you think they have five people who might God died if he enjoyed the video.

Video and transcription provided via YouTube source.