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Number three Bill Gates, of course, another guy worth nine thousand four hundred and six septillion dollars founder of Microsoft creator of Microsoft. And now we get to my two favorites.

5 Famous People Who Made Fun of God and Then Died

Taking God’s name in vain disregarding the existence of God these are ways most religious teachings define as a mockery of God. People in positions of influence often display their arrogance by scorning God or His power. And as you probably didn’t know the over ambitious display of greatness has resulted in some gruesome deaths. With this being said. Prepare to be amazed by these five people who mocked God and died.

Marilyn Monroe the cream of the crop of Hollywood celebrities. She had it all the looks and the talent despite her outward expression of her beauty. She kept her suffering to herself during her filming routines. Billy Graham a Christian evangelist gave her a visit and stated that he had been instructed to preach to her by the Spirit of God. She then replied I don’t need you Jesus. She was later found in her bedroom laying lifeless. It is rumored that she committed suicide as she was suffering from severe depression.

Bon Scott front man for popular rock band AC-DC Australian Bon Scott was in his heyday. The band was on top and he had just replaced the lead singer Dave Evans in 1974. He put pen to paper and is songwriting skills shown on the band’s album release in 1979. He came up with the opening track on a highway to hell and stand out track on the album at its peak a surprising turn of events took place in 1980. He choked on his own vomit after a night out with his bandmates. The cause of death was alcohol poisoning. The band leader dedicated their album Back in Black to honor the memory of their falling lead singer.

President of Brazil. Tancredo leaves his presidential campaign with something to marvel. He opposed previous military resumes in Brazil and inspired Brazilians to participate in the political process. This made him a popular figure amongst the Brazilian people during his campaigns. He said that if he got five hundred thousand votes from his party even God would not unseat them as president. The soon to be Brazilian’s first civilian president in 20 years was never sworn in and died following complications from a surgery at the Heart Institute. And this was just a few days away from his election diagnosed with a life threatening ailment. He underwent several operations but eventually relapse from his final surgery.

Thomas Andrews the Irish businessman is known for his shipbuilding skills as the naval architect of his crown jewel as Titanic he oversaw its construction and familiarized himself with all the operational details of the Titanic. After observing it and conducting a series of tests he was full of confidence about the workings of the great ship. During that questioning session as a result of the large media coverage of the Titanic a reporter asked him how safe the Titanic would be. He replied that even God can sink it. On April of 1912 the ship sank after hitting an iceberg on its first voyage on the New York City Kleman over one thousand five hundred lives. One of the worst commercial disasters in history and as a result of Thomas Andrews he died in the collision and his body was never recovered.

John Lennon the Fab Four were living the life there were international stars at a young age led to their massive following famously nicknamed Beatlemania and it was one of the members particularly among the ladies the songwriter also had an impressive start to solo career after the Beatles broke up. The fame must have gone to his head before his untimely death. In an interview, he stated Christianity will and it will disappear. I do not have to argue about that. I’m saying Jesus was OK but his subjects were too simple Today we are more famous than him. The controversial statement made in 1966 eventually saw The Fab Four breakup in 1980. Lennon was shot by a fanatic David Chapman in his residence on New York after a recording session. And believe it or not people claimed that he was punished for what he said. What you think they have five people who might God died if he enjoyed the video.

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