Cam Newton Religion

Cameron Newton is an American football quarterback of Carolina Panthers in the National Football League. In was involved in college when he was in Auburn and was picked by Panthers in 2011. Newton happens to be one of the players to be awarded Heisman Trophy in this era and won the national championship. Newton was born on the may 11 1989 in Georgia to Jackie and Cecil Newton Sr. His youngest brother, Caylin, is also a quarterback for Howard Bison. Newton can even play basketball well. Newton quit the sport during his high school football career. Newton is a dedicated Christian and attaches his success daily to the presence of God in his career, claiming he is just an instrument used by God. He attended Westlake High School in Georgia and played for the Westlake Lions high school football team. Newton gained attention for college program for the 2,500 yards and 23 touchdowns when he was just 16 years of age. He was a highly rated player in his senior year which won him a scholarship from most Universities. Newton committed to Florida University. He is also known to win the Rookie of the Year in the National Football League in 2011, and also in the NFL all-pro first team in 2015. In Newton even broke the NFL long-standing record for rushing yard and passing. He also emerged the first quarterback to have thrown up for 400 yards in the first game, breaking Peyton Manning’s long-standing first game record of 120 yards. Newton also went ahead to surpass the 61 years old Otto for passing the yard by any quarterback in his first game. Newton now holds the record for the quarterback to have record 4,000 yards in a single season. He also has about 14 touchdowns than most quarterback in the history of National Football League more than the 35 years record by Steve Grogan. Newton became the first quarterback with 300 yards passing, five touchdown passes, with more than 100 yards in just a game. Newton also does motivational speaking apart from the average football career. He studied Sociology and graduated in the year 2015. Newton welcome a son named Chosen Newton from his longtime girlfriend Kia Proctor in December 2015, in Atlanta. They also have the second child in February 2017.

Religious Belief

Newton is highly religious. He is a Christian. This is because he dedicated his college success to God. He said he thank God daily, claiming he is just an instrument in the hand of God and he is an excellent example of how God can turn something terrible into a great one.

Political Views

Newton is not a fan of politics. His team was invited to White House by Obama when they won the National Champion. Can we assume he voted for Obama? We can say for sure. But he said he wouldn’t do anything racial, which means voting for Obama because he was black will be out of it. That is the extent of Newton involvement in politics.

Peyton Manning Religion

Peyton Manning is a Football Quarterbacks that played nothing less than 18 seasons in National Football League (NFL), with Indianapolis Colts. Peyton Manning is assumed to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time due to several feet’s achieved by him; his first 14 seasons was in Colt before moving to Denver Broncos where he spent four seasons. Manning went to Isidore Newman School in Louisiana and was one of the most sought-after high school players. Manning was involved in college football at the University of Tennessee, leading them to a championship during his senior seasons. Manning improves the struggling Colts from 1989 to 2010 and transforms them to significant playoff contenders. Manning led the team to about 8 division champion, and a Super Bowl title. After a long injury that made him miss out of 2011 season, Manning signed with the Denver Broncos. Manning contributed to Broncos leading them to the top division and with a Super Bowl victory. Manning has a lot of National Football League, and at the age of 39, he is one of the oldest quarterbacks to win Super Bowl. Manning was also one of the most recognizable players in National Football League.

Religious Belief

Manning is a Christian that attends Presbyterian Church; he always prays before and after every game. He said it’s good to have a relationship with the Lord. He should be your reason for living. Manning grew up in a Christian family, and his parent attends church and Sunday schools. He said most Athletes are poor in crediting God for their success; Sports and religion are two things that go together. Manning said he doesn’t know whether to pray or not in most cases, but he credited most of his success to God.

Political View

Manning is a very rich and religious Republican. He donated about $14,500 to federal republican in 2001, and the $2,000 for George W. Bush’s reelection campaign. Manning may not express all his political view or the party he supports, but all of his action is entirely in defense of Republican. Manning and his Indianapolis Colts players are in opposition to Indiana state law because football players are also a member of the Union. And Obama terms him one of the “best of all time.”

Alexandra Rose Religion

Alexandra Rose “Aly” Raisman is a gymnast and Olympian from the united state of America. She was a captain and member of the U.S. women’s Olympic gymnastics which they won their competition. Alexandra got a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics competition which the in London and Bronze from a balance beam. This is why she is one of the most decorated gymnasts in from America in the game. Alexandra and her team became the first American to win Gold medal back to back during the 2016 Olympics. She also got a silver medal for the individual floor exercise in the competition. Raisman is one of which the members of the team that won the World Championship held in 2011 and 2015. Raisman was given birth to on the 25 of May 1994, in Massachusetts, to Lynn, who was a gymnast in high school, and Rick Raisman. She also has about three siblings. Raisman started gymnastics at the age of two, and her passion for the sport was attributed to the Gold winning United State woman team in 1996 Olympic. She began her training at Exxcel Gymnastics and proceeds to Brestyan’s American Gymnastics Club where Silvia Brestyan and Mihai coached her. Raisman Alexandra graduated from Needham High School in 2012, from her various online classes while going through her Olympic training.

Religious Belief

Raisman she is Jewish. She became well known in the Jewish community after her gold medal-winning floor routine in “Hava Nagila” in the year 2012. She announced her moment of support for the Israelites Athletes killed by Palestinian terrorist organization during the 1972 Olympics. The Jew community talks more about Raisman that she thinks about them. This is very important to her and the central part of her identity but, we have never seen a quote that relates to her deep spirituality. She’s concerned by all things related to the Jew. Raisman gymnastics trainer is the formal coach of Israel team and has received a lot of awards for her athletic skills. She got an invitation by the Israel state official and gets a homely welcome by the Israel defense forces. The hope of Judaism seems to rest on the shoulder of this young woman. She is a proud member of Judaism community.

Political Views

Raisman is not active in the political arena. She never said anything on her Twitter feed about the Presidential Campaign but twitted a pleasant experience of meeting with the president. Because of her Jewish tie, it is clear she has interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and, she joins the 84% of the Jew asking for the solution between the two states. She seems to be among the 70% of the Jews that supported Barack Obama, and may likely be a Democrat if she ever cast her vote in the 2012 election. That is few details we have about her political affiliation and connections.

Lance Armstrong Religion

Lance Armstrong last had his fair share of trials in his life and each time he has believed in science rather than any god. It was first at the age of 25 that he felt like God cannot exist. This was just before he was to get a cancerous brain tumor removed. Later Lance would also fight prostate cancer and then famously be stripped of his seven Tour de France titles for doping. According to Lance and many others if God is up there then why would he judge us based on some book and not our personal actions. Lance has made no secret to his atheism.

5 Famous People Who Made Fun of God and Then Died

Taking God’s name in vain disregarding the existence of God these are ways most religious teachings define as a mockery of God. People in positions of influence often display their arrogance by scorning God or His power. And as you probably didn’t know the over ambitious display of greatness has resulted in some gruesome deaths. With this being said. Prepare to be amazed by these five people who mocked God and died.

Marilyn Monroe the cream of the crop of Hollywood celebrities. She had it all the looks and the talent despite her outward expression of her beauty. She kept her suffering to herself during her filming routines. Billy Graham a Christian evangelist gave her a visit and stated that he had been instructed to preach to her by the Spirit of God. She then replied I don’t need you Jesus. She was later found in her bedroom laying lifeless. It is rumored that she committed suicide as she was suffering from severe depression.

Bon Scott front man for popular rock band AC-DC Australian Bon Scott was in his heyday. The band was on top and he had just replaced the lead singer Dave Evans in 1974. He put pen to paper and is songwriting skills shown on the band’s album release in 1979. He came up with the opening track on a highway to hell and stand out track on the album at its peak a surprising turn of events took place in 1980. He choked on his own vomit after a night out with his bandmates. The cause of death was alcohol poisoning. The band leader dedicated their album Back in Black to honor the memory of their falling lead singer.

President of Brazil. Tancredo leaves his presidential campaign with something to marvel. He opposed previous military resumes in Brazil and inspired Brazilians to participate in the political process. This made him a popular figure amongst the Brazilian people during his campaigns. He said that if he got five hundred thousand votes from his party even God would not unseat them as president. The soon to be Brazilian’s first civilian president in 20 years was never sworn in and died following complications from a surgery at the Heart Institute. And this was just a few days away from his election diagnosed with a life threatening ailment. He underwent several operations but eventually relapse from his final surgery.

Thomas Andrews the Irish businessman is known for his shipbuilding skills as the naval architect of his crown jewel as Titanic he oversaw its construction and familiarized himself with all the operational details of the Titanic. After observing it and conducting a series of tests he was full of confidence about the workings of the great ship. During that questioning session as a result of the large media coverage of the Titanic a reporter asked him how safe the Titanic would be. He replied that even God can sink it. On April of 1912 the ship sank after hitting an iceberg on its first voyage on the New York City Kleman over one thousand five hundred lives. One of the worst commercial disasters in history and as a result of Thomas Andrews he died in the collision and his body was never recovered.

John Lennon the Fab Four were living the life there were international stars at a young age led to their massive following famously nicknamed Beatlemania and it was one of the members particularly among the ladies the songwriter also had an impressive start to solo career after the Beatles broke up. The fame must have gone to his head before his untimely death. In an interview, he stated Christianity will and it will disappear. I do not have to argue about that. I’m saying Jesus was OK but his subjects were too simple Today we are more famous than him. The controversial statement made in 1966 eventually saw The Fab Four breakup in 1980. Lennon was shot by a fanatic David Chapman in his residence on New York after a recording session. And believe it or not people claimed that he was punished for what he said. What you think they have five people who might God died if he enjoyed the video.

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