Cam Newton Religion

Cameron Newton is an American football quarterback of Carolina Panthers in the National Football League. In was involved in college when he was in Auburn and was picked by Panthers in 2011. Newton happens to be one of the players to be awarded Heisman Trophy in this era and won the national championship. Newton was born on the may 11 1989 in Georgia to Jackie and Cecil Newton Sr. His youngest brother, Caylin, is also a quarterback for Howard Bison. Newton can even play basketball well. Newton quit the sport during his high school football career. Newton is a dedicated Christian and attaches his success daily to the presence of God in his career, claiming he is just an instrument used by God. He attended Westlake High School in Georgia and played for the Westlake Lions high school football team. Newton gained attention for college program for the 2,500 yards and 23 touchdowns when he was just 16 years of age. He was a highly rated player in his senior year which won him a scholarship from most Universities. Newton committed to Florida University. He is also known to win the Rookie of the Year in the National Football League in 2011, and also in the NFL all-pro first team in 2015. In Newton even broke the NFL long-standing record for rushing yard and passing. He also emerged the first quarterback to have thrown up for 400 yards in the first game, breaking Peyton Manning’s long-standing first game record of 120 yards. Newton also went ahead to surpass the 61 years old Otto for passing the yard by any quarterback in his first game. Newton now holds the record for the quarterback to have record 4,000 yards in a single season. He also has about 14 touchdowns than most quarterback in the history of National Football League more than the 35 years record by Steve Grogan. Newton became the first quarterback with 300 yards passing, five touchdown passes, with more than 100 yards in just a game. Newton also does motivational speaking apart from the average football career. He studied Sociology and graduated in the year 2015. Newton welcome a son named Chosen Newton from his longtime girlfriend Kia Proctor in December 2015, in Atlanta. They also have the second child in February 2017.

Religious Belief

Newton is highly religious. He is a Christian. This is because he dedicated his college success to God. He said he thank God daily, claiming he is just an instrument in the hand of God and he is an excellent example of how God can turn something terrible into a great one.

Political Views

Newton is not a fan of politics. His team was invited to White House by Obama when they won the National Champion. Can we assume he voted for Obama? We can say for sure. But he said he wouldn’t do anything racial, which means voting for Obama because he was black will be out of it. That is the extent of Newton involvement in politics.