Ashton Kutcher Religion

Ashton Kutcher is an entrepreneur and American Investor. His modeling and acting career started in the ’70s Show that runs for about eight seasons. He became known by audiences in the comedy film he appeared in Coming Soon, and he became well known for his role in another comedy show titled Dude, Where’s My Car? Kutcher was in the romantic comedy My Boss’s Daughter and produced Punk’d which runs for about five seasons in 2012. Kutcher gains public attention for his role in a psychology film titled Butterfly Effect in 2004. Kutcher subsequently appeared in other romantic comedies and acted the role of Steve Job in biographical movie Jobs. Kutcher was given birth to on the 7 February 1978 in Iowa, to Diane, and Larry M. Kutcher, which is a factory worker. Kutcher has a Czech, but his mother has Czech, Irish and German background. Kutcher was raised in a Catholic family with a sister and twin siblings in which one of them had a heart transplant. This put a lot of stress on Kutcher at home. Kutcher said he feels like committing suicide to get a heart transplant for his brother until a donor was found. Kutcher attended Washington High School until his family moved to Iowa. His passion for acting was developed from the several schools plays he acted in, and his family put more pressure on him for his parent divorce when he is just 16 years of age. Kutcher attempted to steal in which he was sentenced to three years’ probation and community service which he claimed straighten him. From his desire to find a cure for his brother heart disease, he enrolled in the University of Iowa for Biochemical Engineering. When he was in college, he did many jobs to fund his tuition and even sold his blood, while at the University of Iowa, he was approached by a model to Scot to appear on the fresh face of Iowa modeling competition. He dropped out of school; to attend International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) Convention after coming first in the tournament. After some time in New York, Kutcher later relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. Kutcher got married to actress Demi Moore married in 2005. And Moore filled a divorce in 2012 that was finalized in 2013. He was in a relationship with Mila Kunis and became engaged in 2014, they both had a daughter together in 2014. And got married in 2015 and had son together around 2016.

Religious Belief

Kutcher had a Catholic background but claimed to be spiritual. He was in support of Judaism, Kabbalah, but the media said that was to divert a lot of attention from his broken marriage.

Political Views

Kutcher is an Obama supporter but seems not to agree with his healthcare plan. Kutcher is also a support of Gay marriage, stating that he has a lot of gay friend and they deserve an equal right also.