5 Famous People and their Surprising Religions

We often forget that celebrities are just like us deaf families kids money problems bills to pay way to lose. And they believe in something when it comes to a religious belief just like everyone else. Celebs are very different. Some of them are more religious and some are atheists. The point is there are many celebrities out there who are very religious and you didn’t even know. So prepare for five famous people you didn’t know were so religious.

Orlando Bloom in case you didn’t know Orlando Bloom was born and raised in the Anglican church but now he’s a practicing Buddhist famous Hollywood actor and Miranda care’s ex-husband joined Soka Gakkai school of Buddhism at the age of 19. He states that at such a young age he has learned a lot about life and I think we all presume that Orlando probably consulted someone at his church when he punched Justin Bieber in the face over Miranda care what you think.

Natalie Portman was born in Israel but then she and her family moved to the U.S.. Natalie attended a Jewish day school and later on she graduated from Harvard. The beautiful actress to graduate courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and her husband is in the process of converting to Judaism. So it is believed that she is pretty serious about her faith. Natalie has openly spoken about raising her kids in the Jewish faith too and she is also very outspoken in her support for Jews around the world.

So after directing The Passion of the Christ we kind of knew that Mel Gibson was religious. However, we didn’t know that he was that religious man was raised in a very strict Catholic home. The famous Hollywood actor even built a chapel in Malibu and called it The Church of the Holy Family in this church mass is performed every morning in Latin woman must cover their heads in a very religious way. I bet you didn’t know that about gifts.

Julia Roberts is one of the most popular actresses Hollywood has ever seen. Even though she hasn’t starred in a box office hit movie for years now Julia has that kind of integrity behind her name as she can allow herself to take a break from the spotlight. Although she was raised in a Catholic Baptist home Julia has always been drawn to the spirituality of Hinduism. Julie considers herself a practicing Hindu and she and her family go to a Hindu temple where they pray.

But you didn’t know Mark Wahlberg was so religious either. Mark was raised in a Roman Catholic family but because he was not always so observant people usually don’t think that he is religious at all. Actually, Mark is thankful to the Catholic Church for saving him from a life of crime. Today Mark attends church daily and when he can not attend he regularly prays in his room where he has a crucifixion art. That is a replica of the one at the Vatican and they have five famous people you didn’t know were so religious if you like the video.

Video and transcription provided via YouTube source.