5 Stupid Celebrities Who Say They Don’t Beleive in God

Celebrities are role models for a lot of reasons and religion is no exception. Then there are those celebs who have very little religion as we know it and even less belief in God. And that’s not perhaps a good or bad thing. But wait until you see who is listed here. It might even surprise you with this being said here are five celebrities who don’t believe in God.

Daniel Radcliffe Not just any atheist. Daniel is passionate about separation of church and state. The Harry Potter star becomes militant’s when he sees religious beliefs dictating laws and is happy to openly anger the far right. It was just in front of the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince that Daniel now says atheism which had American conservatives in an uproar. He also loves the fact that people think he’s gay as it allows them to go to the gay communities against those who oppose them.

Lance Armstrong last had his fair share of trials in his life and each time he has believed in science rather than any god. It was first at the age of 25 that he felt like God cannot exist. This was just before he was to get a cancerous brain tumor removed. Later Lance would also fight prostate cancer and then famously be stripped of his seven Tour de France titles for doping. According to Lance and many others if God is up there then why would he judge us based on some book and not our personal actions. Lance has made no secret to his atheism.

Jodie Foster here is another outspoken atheist Jody still seeks to spread acceptance of whatever religion and believes people choose to follow. I absolutely love religions and the rituals even though I don’t believe in God. We celebrate pretty much every religion in our family with the kids. The Academy Award winning actress has said and most importantly Jody’s kids will choose what they want to follow themselves. She said that she will not interfere with this kid. The acclaimed actress ever believed in God herself. Well, she states that maybe when he is scientifically proven.

Angelina Jolie neither religious nor a confirmed atheist Jolie is the perfect example of someone who does good and spread kindness even without a proclaimed system of belief or God from her adopted children to constant charity work. Jolie can teach everyone a thing or two about spirituality. There doesn’t need to be a god for me. There’s something in people that’s spiritual That’s godlike. The actress has stated as for those who do believe in God she hopes that for their sake he does exist with all the respect.

Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman is certainly no stranger to God as He has played the big guy in quite a few movies. So we definitely should heed his own opinion on the matter. Asked once if he believed in God. Freeman simply replied. Has anybody ever seen hard evidence? However, the famed actor does believe in God as an entity and that he created man or more especially the human mind. He has stated that logic would dictate that those who believe in God actually believe in themselves.

Therefore God did not create as we created him and they have five celebrities who don’t believe in God. If you enjoyed the video make sure you drop a like and share it.

Video and transcription provided via YouTube source.