10 Famous American Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Muslim

What would a country look like if there were no American Muslims? Islamaphobes might find they don’t actually like the result.

The recent events in Paris and ISIS’s rise to power in the Middle East are a misunderstanding of Islam and violent extremism has led to rampant Islamophobia throughout the world and most notably in America and some Islamophobia. We’d like to ban Muslims into the country altogether which is stupid and ridiculous because a lot of Muslim Americans have made some pretty great contributions to our country here.

Ten famous Muslim Americans that you may have not known are actually Muslim.

Now I hope you know with the first one Malcolm X human rights activists obviously extremely influential in the civil rights movement. Obviously a Muslim as well.

The next one is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The Center for the Lakers team. The NBA leading scorer and one of the greatest players in American history.

Steve Jobs many of you probably using a device produced by his company. His father was a Syrian emigre to America also a Muslim.

The next one. Of course we all know Muhammad Ali the boxing legend and one of the most recognized sports figures in the world. But he also outside of the ring was a big proponent of religious freedom Regional Justice and the triumph of principle over expedience.

And he was a big proponent for peace. That’s true as well.

Ellen Burstyn very famous actress she was in The Exorcist. Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. And most recently inter-stellar which I hear wasn’t amazing but that’s not her fault.

She actually converted to Islam which is interesting.

At the next one is Jawi Karim the co-founder of whom for whom. Without him we would have zero jobs.

Exactly. Yes I would be on the street a man as well. Incredibly beautiful model and actress a business owner as well she has her own line of cosmetics which I use daily.

The next one is Snoop Dog or Snoop Lion where you like to refer to him as. He’s obviously a rapper and actor.

Yep great chef as well he cooks up gin and juice and it’s delicious. Dr. Oz. Yes he’s got a little bit of trouble recently but he did quite a bit of good prior to that a health expert and a TV host for many years had some great smoothie recipes.

And the last one Dave Chappelle the comedian screenwriter TV and film producer and actor funny man and he’s obviously plenty of Muslims have had a credible positive impact on American politics civil rights technology arts media and the list goes on and on.

And by the way even if they hadn’t the very idea of trying to ban an entire group from coming into this country based on religion or race or sexual orientation or national origin or whatever characteristic you want to list is freaking ridiculous and goes against everything our country was founded on.

Exactly and we just kind of provided you a sample of some of the most notable Muslim Americans. But I want you guys to go down the comments and names of Muslim Americans who have contributed to our country to any country and looks like this Islamophobia because it’s ridiculous.

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