10 Celebrity Names You Didn’t Know Were Hardcore Atheists

These famous folks just don’t believe in a higher power until it’s disproven. We have faith that if it’s true if the mathematics work out Minaj true until it’s proven to be untrue.

Welcome to watch. And today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten celebrity atheists. Before we begin we publish new videos every day. So be sure to subscribe for more great content for this list. We’ll be ranking the most high profile celebrities who’ve been the most forthright or outspoken about their atheist beliefs. We’ll also be including agnostics as part of this list but not scientists or philosophers. To be clear we’re not making any moral judgments about the superiority of any one religious or life choice over another. We’re simply listing those celebrities who’ve made it a point to come out in public as atheists or agnostics. Or I thought you were a practicing Catholic. I am I’m good at it.

Number 10. Brad Pitt. Not every child grows up adhering to the same religious beliefs as his or her parents. Case in point. Brad Pitt who was raised in a religious Southern Baptist family with strict rules and regulations and don’t agree. I do know that eventually grew to adopt a spiritual view which he claimed was quote 20 percent atheist 80 percent agnostic and an interview with The Telegraph stressed the actor’s identification as atheist. Stated that his youth was filled with what he referred to as quote Christian guilt an upbringing that the actor feels eventually led to a spiritual shift.

Number nine. Stephen Fry. Why should I respect a capricious mean minded stupid god. The noted British comedian writer and actor has long been a staunch and outspoken proponent of atheism. One particular conversation that turned mainstream attention towards Frye’s belief was a 2015 interview with Irish broadcaster Gabe Byrne when commenting on what he’d ask God if given the opportunity. Frye said he’d bring up injustices like bone cancer in children as proof that God quote deserves no respect whatsoever. So a bone cancer in children. But. The clip proved to be a viral hit as well receiving millions of views within only a few days of being uploaded and it shed further light on the artist’s religiously sceptical atheist viewpoint as well as his support of humanist causes and gay rights.

Number eight. Daniel Radcliffe you’re a wizard Harry. I lost in a 2009 interview the Harry Potter actor talked about his quote relaxed form of atheism. What do we mean by relaxed. Well Radcliffe has been anything but vocal regarding the spiritual beliefs or lack thereof. And prefers to mostly keep his beliefs to himself. However one notable figure did seem to be annoyed about Radcliffe’s religious choice. Ohio Governor John Kasich commented that he felt it was quote weird that Radclyffe is an atheist. Considering the level of success he reached with the Harry Potter franchise. Funnily enough Casey has probably said more publicly about Radcliffe’s atheism than Radcliffe has.

Number seven. Trey Parker South Park has poked fun at just about everything under the sun. My God Is that all things to a good person just to prove a point to Satan. Oh.

I don’t know. But just because he usually identifies as an atheist and mocks religion pretty much every chance he gets doesn’t mean Trey Parker hates religion. In fact he referred to his and Matt Stone’s hit Broadway musical The Book of Mormon as quote an atheist love letter to religion during a 2011 interview. Parker admits that he didn’t grow up with a deep personal connection to religion and instead prefers to see the levity and humor in it all. As a result he has also commented that he sees Star Wars as a viable religious option. May the Force be with.

Number six. Keira Knightley. Some atheists are more likely than others to poke fun at their own life choices. One such nonbeliever is actress Keira Knightley who lamented humorously in a 2012 piece with Interview magazine that she quote could get away with anything if she weren’t an atheist. Knightley was specifically commenting on the sexual indiscretions of some high profile conservative Republican leaders during the interview and continued by admitting how much easier it would be to simply ask for forgiveness from a higher power as opposed to living with human guilt. I’m so sorry please forgive me.

Number five George Carlin. George Carlin was and is a legendary comedian. Partly because he never shied away from controversy. The New York-born Carlon may have attended Catholic grammar school as a child.

But his path eventually led him to atheism a choice Carlin mentioned in much of his material as he got older the comedian would satirize everything from the belief in a quote invisible man in the sky to the idea that praying to the sun or to actor Joe Pesci were more worthwhile endeavors.

Carlin continued to be critical of religion up until his death in 2008. Frequently returning to the subject on stage in print and on the silver screen or having ten commandments was really a marketing decision.

Number four Simon Pegg opens the concept of religion and has not entirely convinced by writer actor and all round geek icon Simon Pegg may not be as outspoken on atheist issues as George Carlin. But the popular entertainment personality remains an example of a well-adjusted celebrity atheist Pegg’s stances on the topic are seen mainly on his Twitter account where the actor has commented on such issues as the perils and challenges of atheist parenting to how many atheists are accused of possessing quote no moral compass. Throughout

Throughout it all pagans managed to continue balancing his personal beliefs with his thriving career as one of victims most in-demand creative voices.

Number three. Bill Maher and his formidable career as a commentator and talk show host Bill Maher has long been regarded as an influential creative voice when it comes to the world of biting political satire. The writer-actor and critic has also been quite outspoken when it comes to the subject of religion.

With Maher having identified over the years as an atheist agnostic and a pantheist the latter of which is defined as one who is apathetic to the existence of God I don’t have anybody from my tribe of atheists ever thanked you for giving us a shout out at your first inaugural but you didn’t mention nonbelievers self-labeling may have varied over the years but his criticisms against organized religion remain as fiery today as they ever were. I don’t even believe in Christ but for Christ sake.

Number two. Seth MacFarlane. Seth MacFarlane may have hedged his bets when he called himself 99 percent atheist in a 2015 tweet but that 1 percent hasn’t stopped him from being an outspoken advocate for atheism in the public eye.

What do you think of the fact that it seems to be a movement that’s gaining credibility as of late. I think it’s about the writer slash actor gave an interview in 2009 with Esquire about the necessity for promoting quote knowledge over faith.

And made further connections between the fight for atheists to be heard and the struggles of the civil rights movement.

It’s just another way God mysteriously shows that he loves us.

MacFarlane’s criticism of religion has also made its way into some episodes of Family Guy a show that’s always served in part as a window into McFarland’s beliefs and ideas.

Well if you’re not Jesus Christ then you won’t mind if I pee on these Amy Grant CDs don’t you are Jesus.

Yes before we unveil our number one pick. Here are some honorable mentions.

That’s essentially how I feel about life full of loneliness and misery and suffering and unhappiness and it’s all over much too quickly.

We’ll eat well we’ll drink good wine we’ll make love. You know who exactly is going to make love. Hopefully the three of us are not as a man of God. You’re not number one.

Ricky Gervais. I think that’s a strange myth. I have nothing to live for. Is the opposite. We have nothing to die for. Few celebrities are as open about their atheist beliefs as writer actor and comedian Ricky Gervais. The co-creator of The Office openly discusses the subject with the media and through his Twitter account the latter of which has sparked interesting and occasionally hostile conversations with his audience. Gervais’s remains undaunted and unintimidated However even using an interview with The Independent in 2015 to discuss what he felt were misconceptions about atheists like the idea that atheists are arrogant or equivalent to Satanists or agnostics. Basically when someone asks him why he doesn’t believe in God he is most likely responses. Well why do you.

I don’t think there is a heaven and I don’t think there’s a how. But you know will be nice to anyone. Do you agree with our picks. Check out these other great clips from watch mojo and subscribe for new videos every day.

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