10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Religious and What They Believe

These celebrities all have faith. Today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 celebrities you didn’t know were religious.

For this list we’re taking a look at celebrities whose faith or religious beliefs may come as a surprise or sometimes even as a shock to most people. Celebrities whose religions aren’t necessarily established can be included on this list as well. Maybe because of the foundations that are laid in my life my mom taking me to a church that I want to take a different approach I guess.

10 – BECK

It’s been in my family. My dad’s. Been doing it for about almost 40 years.
That is a second generation Scientologist who only first publicly acknowledged his affiliation with the religion in 2005. There are many controversies associated with Scientology including the accusation that it’s a cult. So Beck usually keeps to himself when it comes to his faith.
You can feel it’s unfairly criticized at times.
Well I mean yeah I think it’s the good done is speaks for itself.
Well the musician himself didn’t give the most eloquent and coherent of answers to the Sunday Tribune with regards to Scientology’s philosophy. He did give vulture a simple and seemingly humble response a few years later. Basically for back Scientology is just this thing that he does. And like anything it has its fair share of crazies regulars and everything in between.

9 – Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson you have to love everybody and that’s what God is about love. Religion isn’t the first word that jumps to mind when you think of former professional boxer and heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. That’s probably because of his reputation as a fierce fighter and his past problems with the law. To. Get me. At that point trying to. Be that as it may. Tyson reportedly converted to Islam in the 1990s while serving jail time for rape and he hasn’t looked back. Today Tyson maintains that quote a law doesn’t need him. He needs a law. My first line to my first obligation is to a law. In the time since he’s joined the faith Tyson has adopted the name Malik Abdul Aziz traveled to Mecca and sobered up maintaining that he sees Islam more as a discipline than simply a religion a Muslim a better appreciation of God now than I ever did back then.

8 – Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom and here with as though he was raised as an Anglican. Orlando Bloom has been dedicated to his Buddhist faith since the age of 19. A full member of the United Kingdom branch of Soka Gakkai International since 2004 a group devoted to quote peace education and cultural exchange has said he credits Buddhism with keeping him quote anchored and giving him a quote sense of self something that probably comes in handy in Hollywood. Orlando Bloom actually and Justin Bieber Blum has explained that his chosen religion helps him on a day to day basis. He said that Buddhism is quote about studying what’s going on in his daily life and using that as fuel to go and live a bigger life. Seems like it’s working for him. Moon is so comfy around Perry has no issue ditching his shorts and Katie doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

7 – Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg became tough because he chose to be the man once known as Marky Mark used to have a reputation as a bad boy. But today Mark Wahlberg says that his faith is one of the most important aspects of his life. In fact he’s credited religion with helping him get back on track after his life took some dark turns raised Irish Catholic in Boston. This rapper turned movie star says that he prays and attends church regularly if not every day but does not wish to push his religion on anyone else was.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars. So he’s very generous. He is extremely.
So is Wahlberg praying for his next movie to be a hit. No he says he’s simply focusing on being good in all the things he does gives his time and money to help kids. Many of whom now see him as a hometown hero.

6 – Brandon Flowers

My name is Brandon Flowers. My father has been on the Mormon hill rock out with the best of them as lead singer of The Killers. But aside from being a rockstar. Brandon Flowers is a devout Mormon and family man Flowers says that when he was six years old his father quit drinking as part of his newfound Mormon faith. That change affected flowers deeply and although he also struggled with alcohol abuse when he first got involved in the rock n roll scene he too devoted himself more fully to his Mormonism when he started his family.
I was like there’s a chamber in your heart that you don’t know exists. Opens up when you have a baby.
Now that he’s sober flowers has become a notable face for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints aiming to clear up common misconceptions about his faith. And I realized.
I was raised in it and I still there’s still a fire burning in there.

5 – Prince

Wanting to make love to you my whole life.
With his flamboyant outfits and sexually charged lyrics. Prince was a larger than life personality in the music world. What many fans may not have realized however is that when he wasn’t shredding his guitar he was quietly adhering to his faith as a Jehovah’s Witness after joining the faith in the early 2000s. Brother Nelson embraced his chosen religion engaging in charitable activities philanthropy and even going door to door to discuss his beliefs. According to his fellow parishioners the outrageous rock star they’d see on stage was a far cry from the shy man who attended church wearing understated clothing but maybe most important of all for such a gifted musician. Prince credited God with inspiring his talent.

4 – Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle you get to choose from the celebrities who you think is the most them. Is Close but no your best days are very good.
Dave Chappelle is known as a comedic genius who challenges societal norms and isn’t afraid of offending.
Scientists say AIDS started. Somebody had sex with a monkey. Work.
But since 1998 he’s also led a faith based life as a convert to Islam. Chappelle’s religion is a topic he doesn’t often discuss in public however and he’s got a good reason for that. He doesn’t want people to link any problems they might have with him with Islam. This is especially important to him because he believes Islam is quote beautiful. If you learn the right way for chapell his religion is basically a guidebook for how he lives his life in a well balanced way. And fortunately he’s been able to keep his sense of humor as well.
A lot of black people don’t have the privilege of knowing about grape juice because they have great drink. It’s not the same formula.

3 – Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods feels good clever she makes this.
Tiger Woods was raised a Buddhist and practiced the religion for most of his childhood. However during his infidelity scandal in 2009 Woods brought awareness to his faith. When he mentioned it in his very public apology he said that he had strayed from Buddhism and lost track of why it was an important part of his life.
People probably don’t realize it but I was raised a Buddhist and I actively practiced my faith from childhood until I drifted away from it.
In recent years but core tenets of the faith are respect and personal responsibility. So Woods said he was making a spiritual commitment to revisit his once devout faith in the past. Woods has explained that Buddhism to him is a way of life.
It teaches me to stop following every impulse and to eat and to learn restraint and at least as a youth he practiced it with the same discipline he devoted to the sport of golf.

2 – Alice Cooper

Today the King of Shock Rock is not only an avid golfer and a teetotal. He’s also a born again Christian though the image that made him famous is more demonic than heavenly. And he once struggled through drug and alcohol abuse. A bottle of whiskey a day. Cooper grew up in a Christian household. His father was a preacher and he himself was active in his church as a child.
I grew up in a Christian home by my wife’s father was a Baptist pastor.
He says he revisited his faith in the 80s after he realized that all the partying and materialism he’d experienced wasn’t what he wanted from life.
And so I don’t think there’s anything in the Bible that says you can’t be a rock n roller. I don’t know Zo.
He quit drinking went back to church and now says he’s more satisfied in his life. Before we unveil our number one pick. Here are some honorable mentions.
How much is too long to come back to night service in a bed at night.
I think you believe what you have to choose. Used of faith yes.

1 – Stephen Colbert

No word yet on whether they were in Cuba to sell real estate or find a fresh supply of beauty contestants to fat shame.
You know him best is a witty late night talk show host. Or perhaps the pompous blowhard who used to play on TV but did you also know that Stephen Colbert is deeply religious and we know every word is true because the Bible says that the Bible is true.
And if you remember from earlier in this sentence every word of the Bible is true.
Raised Roman Catholic by devout parents. Was taught that challenging the church does not make you any less Catholic. Hopefully you can still feel your faith fully.
And let your mind have a logical life of its own.
That might explain his willingness to poke fun at religion to a point. Or I thought you were a practicing Catholic. I don’t mean I’m good at it.
A Sunday school teacher who also officiated a wedding live on his show Colbert has credited his faith with helping him deal with the tragedies in his life. Like when his father and two of his brothers were killed in a plane crash when he was a child. But perhaps most importantly he stressed the value of humor in faith.
Jesus says so I say to you do not worry for who among you by worrying can change a hair on his head or add a Cuban to the span of his life. What I like about it is that it is a commandment to not worry and I’ll go with that.

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